Corridor Communities

Preserving the quality of life. That’s the commitment the VCTC makes to the community of Ventura County. Continually improving the local transportation system, maintaining our ranking as one of the best places to live, and giving residents easy access to local travel, the VCTC plans, funds, and manages a wide array of projects designed to keep Ventura moving.

The Ventura County Transportation Commission is currently in the planning stage for this momentous project. Individual interactive story maps help illustrate and visualize traffic impacts and projections for each of our valued cities along our 101 freeway. These story maps are infused with local data and traffic studies to better understand the current and future 101 traffic models and improvements needed.

Each community along the way will present unique challenges but VCTC’s vision remains the same along every mile: with community support, we will improve the mobility of everyone who travels along this vital route. This is Our Future 101, so let’s keep Ventura County moving forward!